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(Registered Charity Number 1087429)

Celebrating 46 Years of

Full-Time Christian Ministry! (1978 - 2024)

Yan Hadley
Yan Hadley
Itinerant Teacher, Evangelist, Author

GOD'S WORD TO HIS CHURCH - written & sung by our friend Rev. Barry Evans:

Yan has been in full-time itinerant ministry, since leaving secular employment as a salesman in 1978. Having worked with the Birmingham City Mission, Operation Mobilization, The Open Air Mission and Good News Crusade, Yan founded and leads with his wife Gail, New Life Ministry Trust, based in Leicester, England.

He is an International Teacher and Evangelist, and is the Author of six life-changing books. His work has taken him to many countries abroad as well as travelling extensively throughout the UK, having contact with around 200 churches.

Yan writes: "May we all be challenged and encouraged to speak of Jesus to others, as the disciples did, without compromise. Let us present Him with great confidence as the same Saviour of sinners, the same Healer of sickness, the same Conqueror of Satan and the same Baptiser in the Holy Spirit."

It's wonderful and also very humbling, when people contact us sharing how they've been

encouraged by the ministry:


Jim Patterson founder of Real Hope TV, broadcast Yan's message, ‘Freedom from Anxiety & Stress’, on his daily YouTube programme. He wrote in an email that 'it was very well received' and included feedback comments: 'Very relevant message' another wrote, 'I normally fall asleep during long sermons - but I hung on every word of Yan's message'. Jim continued 'I believe many will be blessed as they watch the recording of the broadcast'.

Pastor Paul, Mount Olive Ministries, Newton Abbot wrote: Dear brother Yan, The Lord does not allow many outside ministers to come and preach at Mount Olive.  You are very precious to not only us, but to the Lord.  Your sincerity, enthusiasm, and zeal to bring the truth of the Gospel alive, and how you share your personal trials and difficulties is appreciated. It’s always a privilege to host you and catch up with our individual walks. Thank you once again for everything you bring.'


A message from a Broadcaster in Notts: "May God bless you in your work Yan. Your sermons continue to be broadcast around the world on UK Church Community Radio. They are regularly listened to in places like India, China, Germany, Canada, the USA and South Korea."


Richard Bromford, W. Mids emailed: 'I am greatly blessed every time I hear Yan minister. It is rare to find a man so gifted in preaching such deep and meaningful words, filled with scripture and relevant to daily life. A truly gifted ministry. Thank you for your commitment and service - Shalom'.

Barbara R, Macclesfield, Cheshire: one of the Elders on the church leadership team, wrote the following morning after Yan had been to preach: "... I have listened to many messages over the last 18 years but yesterday night at Calvary was awesome! Your message was informative, inspirational, motivational and comforting. Bless you and I look forward to your next visit." 

Rick, Lytham, Lancs: left a kind comment on Facebook, after I'd spoken at his church, saying,"I’ve just got home from Lytham Christian Centre. YanHadley was preaching tonight, it was an amazing sermon on motivation. The atmosphere in there was electric you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit moving tonight!"

Hednesford, W. Midlands: A man from the meeting emailed us to say that his elderly mother had bought the teaching DVD‘Freedom from Anxiety and Stress’and it was a tremendous help and comfort to her.  When he came across it after she’d died, he watched it, and was greatly helped. He then decided to pass it on to someone else. That person was helped also, so shared it with colleagues in the Psychiatric Hospital where he worked. The Doctors’ there, who were not Christian, said they were very impressed with the content and it had spoken to them - Praise the Lord!

Glossop Elim Church, Derbyshire: The Pastor, a very respected and godly man was extremely encouraging in his comments. He is the National prayer co-ordinator of the Elim movement, and he kindly said to his congregation after the message, 'This is a powerful prophetic Word to the Church, and needs to be taught throughout the country in every church!'

Click here for more Testimonies of God's work through the itinerant ministry

  • NLMT is registered with the Charities Commission and has a ‘Council of Reference’ made up of seven leaders from different churches throughout the country. Also Yan has a board of five Trustees governing and overseeing the work.

Broadcasting the Word


     3 of Yan's Teaching Subjects have been Broadcast on Revelation TV on a regular rotation basis over the last few years. They are 'Freedom From Anxiety & Stress', '4 Keys That Unlock God's Blessing', and 'Declaring God's Deliverance'.


    Here is a recording of one of Yan's Teachings on Wellspring TV, based in Kent. The title of the message is 'Saved to Succeed'. 

Click image to see recording; we pray for God's richest blessings as you watch


     The photo to the left is Yan being interviewed by Rob Jones on Abundant Life TV. He gives his testimony, an outline of the work, and presentation of the 'Full Gospel'; this was broadcast on the internet. 


     Yan's sermons are frequently aired on this excellent Christian radio station, along with good contemporary music and a wide range of inspirational preachers. Just click on the image to go to the site, and be blessed.

Such opportunities like these are always welcome as they give a clearer picture of the ministry, and reach a wider section of the population. 

Gail Hadley

Evangelist, Counsellor, Secretary

Feb '23 inc Gareth_edited.jpg

From left to right, John Sim, Nigel Webb, Sheila Gibson, John Whiston and Gareth Davies

These godly Christians, are faithful friends Yan has known, for between 10 and 38 years. They come from various churches; each one is committed to the vision of New Life Ministry Trust - reaching out to the unreached, and seeing the Church of Christ strengthened and encouraged by the Word of God

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