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Counselling, Prayer Ministry

To God be all the glory!

... my dear Gail, how very grateful we are to receive your powerful, uplifting email. I have just read it to my husband, and his face lit up. ... you are a mighty woman of God, and so useable in God's kingdom, and we send heartfelt thanks for being our dear sister in Christ.

“I am so deeply touched by your love, care and compassion for me that I can hardly take it in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and encouragement...”

"I am completely overwhelmed and blown away by this - your compassion, care, love, honesty, prayers that speak so directly and sensitively"

“The timing of your email was amazing! I was sitting here with tears pouring, wondering why God is so far away this time. Thank you for taking the trouble to write such a thoughtful email and for your continued prayers." 

"I REALLY appreciate your care and the time taken to write these prayers and advice. I can't hug you but I can send a virtual hug"

"Gail, thank you so so much. I can't express how I feel right now. I awoke at 4pm in a panic the previous night and then looked at my phone and read your prayer and 'sleep well' - thank you! I will really chew over these prayers and speak them out - cry them out."

“Feel like I am glowing and feeling the Lord’s touch...I feel alive and my life is different than it used to be. My kids thought I had been up the pub drinking the other night when I came home from the prayer meeting, but I know it was the Holy Spirit within me! …”

"Dearest sister, thank you so much for your helpful and encouraging email"

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