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  • "... a multitude gathered from the surrounding cities to Jerusalem, bringing sick people and those who were tormented by unclean spirits, and they were all healed." - Acts 5:16

  • Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever- Hebrews 13:8 What Jesus did, continues through His disciples whom He commanded : lay hands on the sick and they shall recover - Mark 16:18

  • Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart - Psalm 37:4




May these testimonies be an encouragement for you as you believe God 

for your own healing and that of your loved-ones. 

Around the world God heals people of every sickness and disease - you are welcome to write to us regarding your need for healing, and we will be delighted to pray for you. Just send us an email to   

After the Sunday service at Bromford, W. Midlands, a lady came after the service, to tell Yan that the last time he was preaching at the church, before Covid, she responded, asking for prayer, because she couldn't conceive. She wanted him to know, God wonderfully answered that prayer, giving her a baby, and she took great delight in showing him her miracle!

     During Covid, Yan did not have many opportunities to visit churches as the majority of his contacts had closed; he continued with a number of them, ministering on Zoom. We've had opportunity to see God at work during the Open Air outreaches, and in our own church which stayed open the whole time, except for the 2 weeks the Government insisted churches shut.

Glory to God in that time there have been healings:

Hannah joined our church during the Pandemic. She testified recently saying "a miracle has happened, I'm so excited to share with you. I was told at 16 years old I would never have children because I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, it was really hard to take. I was having problems and the second or third time I came here, I really wasn't doing well, and Gail put her hands on my tummy and prayed for me. I had a scan done, I just got my results and everything is gone, there's no cysts, and now I can have children, glory to God". Amen! God is so, so good!

A lady explained that some years ago, an MRI had shown a problem with her knees, that needed surgery, but due to an aggressive form of Cancer that should have killed her, no operation could  be done. God stopped the it spreading, and she continued with Cancer treatment. As Gail laid her hand on the lady's knee, they both felt vibrations, and she sensed movement in her knee, her body 'felt light, airy and amazing; as light as a feather'. She said she also had pain in her chest that day; that also completely lifted.

Lisa hobbled into church on Sunday. Friday she'd fallen downstairs, and was in immense pain. She testified the following week that Pastor had said we should all pray, and asked another Pastor to pray for her. She sat through the sermon unable to concentrate on what was being said - the pain was so intense. At the end Gail asked her if she'd like her to pray, because Jesus didn't want her suffering. She agreed. Glory to God! All pain left her; no more hobbling - complete freedom!


sister in Christ told Gail about a debilitating condition of fear that she suffered, causing not only mental torment, but a painful physical condition as well. Praise God she was delivered - completely set free, and counselled how to keep her victory, and overcome any further attacks of the enemy. Also on separate occasions in one month, the power of God delivered 2 men she was praying for, both suffering immensely, gripped by fear; one she was told of the condition, the other, while in conversation she 'saw it' so rebuked it, then sensed it left, at the same time the dear man said 'it's gone'

Prior to the Covid Lockdowns:

Mary called to say that when Yan prayed for her at Willington, she was healed of overactive thyroid. Gail prayed for her on the phone, and she said she was overwhelmed with the prayer and greatly blessed. All glory to God for the power of His Word!

It was a joy for Gail to minister to a local Christian brother who suffered difficulties swallowing following a Stroke. The first time of brief prayer, there was seemingly no change. The following week; never one to give up, and being upset by his condition, she commanded healing once again. The next day she read an email from his wife saying : Praise you Lord, and thank you Gail - Don has been freed to swallow liquids without ‘munching’ them first  !!! Much love. God is wonderful.

South London - A Vicar and his wife went to Yan for prayer. They were longing for a baby, however, due to testicular cancer he'd been left sterile; doctors had said it was impossible for him to father a child. A few months later Yan received a call from the wife who was very excited to give thanks to God and share the news that she was 3 months pregnant! She joyfully said  'It's left a lot of doctors with open mouths!'


At a Wilko’s store although there was quite a queue behind, Gail asked a lady struggling to serve her at a till, what was wrong. She explained that she had not put her arm supports on that morning, and had severe, and extremely painful muscle problems in both arms. Having said to her 'Jesus heals', Gail asked if she’d like prayer. The lady happily agreed, then said “Wow! Amazing! Thank You!” 


Kay a Spirit-filled servant of God, called to accept a date with Yan to preach. Gail asked how she was – she said she had trapped nerves in her left hip and back, and been on tablets for months, plus she has scoliosis of the spine and osteoarthritis. After prayer Kay said “the lump on the side of my knee has gone, and the pain gone in my knee almost straight away – you are wonderful!” Praise was given back to God and a request that God would finish what He’d started. 

Eastbourne - A Christian friend had  been praying for her relative, and asked Gail to go to the hospital with her. Mike had been in on the Ward for some time. 5 Doctor's had told him that it was imperative he had his foot amputated as 'it had turned to mush with infection'. Gangrene had caused the tissue to die. It was made clear to Mike that if he didn't agree to have it removed the very next day, the infection would spread quickly, then he'd lose his leg to the knee. The Ward was noisy; Gail quietly asked if she could talk to him about the wonders of God, he seemed a little uncomfortable; however, he agreed to listen. She pulled the curtain round them, and shared the good news of Christ Jesus, then prayed for healing. The next day Mike was told nobody could find the X-Rays; he was discharged with his leg and foot intact, and went on with no problems whatsoever! Glory to God!!


Leicester - Gail prayed for a Christian whose vision was so bad she couldn't read any longer, God healed her eyes - another lady's ear infection was healed


East Goscote, Leicester - Yan prayed for a lady who'd been deaf for 15 years - she was completely healed!


Warlingham, Surrey - While purchasing a gift on the way to visit her mother in a Chemist Shop, Gail took note of the complaints of the lady serving her, about painful discs in her back, and how much she struggled to work. Gail said "I'm a Christian, would you like me to pray for you?" The lady hurried round the counter with tears in her eyes. As colleagues looked on, Gail asked of she was alright. The lady said "I was confirmed, I believe in Jesus". After having hands laid on her and a fairly brief prayer, the lady testified of feeling the power of God as a warmth on her body, and laughing in amazement, confirming she felt much better.


Hazel - Married 2 years and desperate for a child, thought there was a curse on her life. At the church he was preaching at, Yan prayed for her. Not long after, he had a call to say she'd conceived in the August, and he rejoiced with her. Another call came in October telling him of a threatened miscarriage, so he prayed for Hazel and encouraged her. Yan was delighted to receive news in November, reporting all was well, and that the baby was due in May!


Lincolnshire - Mrs S who had excruciating pain from Arthritis, wrote to Gail :  '"I have to say that today has been a better day physically, and since you prayed for me all pain has gone.  I can only remember two separate days in the past nine months when I have not been in pain...''- glory to God, we were joyful that He healed through the phone call.


Hinckley, Leicester - A lady went forward in church to tell of her chronic heart condition. She'd been told that an operation to fit a Pacemaker could kill her. Her condition was so severe, she was advised to stop any strenuous activity. This was upsetting for her, because the doctor said she shouldn't even be making her own bed! When Yan prayed for her, the presence of God was so powerful, she was 'slain' in the Spirit - something she'd never experienced before - she went down to the floor. Eventually when she arose, she said she felt much better. She reported back to the church that when she returned home, she made her bed, put all her curtains in the wash and cleaned all the windows. Her unsaved husband was amazed at what she was able to do!


Leicester - Anna had muscle spasms causing her pain and distress. Gail laid hands on her and prayed. The glory of God fell and His presence was felt, healing and releasing her from the condition!


Leicester - A teenage girl brought to a service by her friend had severe curvature of the spine. They explained to Yan that the Medical Profession were helpless to do anything for her. As he prayed; she told him that she felt the power of God going through her, and knew that something had happened. Shortly afterwards she told her Doctor what Jesus had done; he sent her for an X-Ray. Everyone was surprised because the spine had noticeably straightened! 


Earl Shilton, Leicester - Yan prayed for a Pastor's wife who had a blood disorder and chemical imbalance which her Doctor said was serious, and would take at least 12-18 months before she could expect to be well again. She'd been deteriorating daily, and felt she was near to death. She said that knew God had touched her. She reported afterwards that when she went home she had the best night's sleep since the illness began. Her husband said "she's a changed woman. Now, she's as bright as a button, and is completely healed."  He confirmed medical tests proved she had been restored back to full health. 


Sileby, Leicester - A father had Labryinthitus, an inner ear infection, that for most people goes after a course of medication. However, irrespective of his faith and the prayers of his church and family it wasn't healed. Yan and Gail were asked to pray for the family, as each one had various issues. Twice in the past, Gail had a comparatively mild form of the unbearable dizziness, so had great compassion for the extreme severity this man suffered. He explained that not only did he have the sensation that the environment around him was moving, at times he felt as if he could not remain upright, and he'd had it for 6 years! He told us that most recently he had suffered a number of falls. Yan prayed for him then Gail put her hand to his ear, and prayed. We asked the others what they wanted Jesus to do for them. After praying for each one, Gail felt to go back to the man, lay hands on him and pray again. He started moving his head from one side to the other; prayer continued for a while and he certainly appeared better than before. 

     A few weeks later we had the report from his wife of complete healing; 'no symptoms whatsoever - he'd been pirouetting round the room in joy to discover whether he could remain stable when he stopped, and he could'. When we next visited the church, he came to share his news. We noticed he was visibly shining! His wife said the whole family's lives had been changed so much for the better. All glory to God! 


South Norwood, London - While a group of people were discussing whether Jesus still heals today, Gail mentioned she'd been to South Africa and seen so many healings, she just knew it to be true, in addition God had used her in various ways too. A man asked for prayer. He explained he'd lifted his motorbike and damaged his back muscles, resulting in constant severe pain; Doctor's could do nothing more to help. Moving aside from other people, Gail laid hands on him, and began to pray. Immense power emanated from heaven, so that what can only be explained as a strong vibration occurred down her arm, through her hands, and into his back. Suddenly, he shouted with joy saying "That's amazing! All of the pain has gone completely!" He thanked Gail, who immediately turned the praise to God - laughing, they hugged, praised the LORD, and the glory of God remained on both of them for some considerable time thereafter.


Billericay, Essex - A lady with Chronic Asthma for 5 years was unable to take her children to school. Yan prayed and God's power healed her. He heard that 4 months later she still had no need of her inhaler and life was well for her.


Groby, Leicester - Gail suffered many months of intense and excruciating pain that increased to such an extent, she could do very little for herself; Yan helped in every way he could to get her out of bed, washed, dressed and comb her hair; then she'd sit on the sofa, throughout the day, weeping with the movement of any muscle. She'd seen 4 GP's and was diagnosed with Polymyalgia 'a disease that lasts at least 3 years'. Although after each visit to the surgery she came away with different medication to try, nothing could alleviate the unbearable pain; she cried day and night. She couldn't focus on the Word, but played 'One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus' over and over each morning, and read a little of her journals full of personalised scriptures. Gail's faith never wavered, and many people prayed for her, but nothing changed her condition. Finally, one bedtime she cried out to God 'I can't do another day; see this pile of pills that haven't helped me, I feel like taking them all, because I cannot face another day; I don't want to wake up in the morning, please take me Home, please help me!' - God sustained her for 'a season longer' then He completely healed her. (at the bottom of this page is the song that helped her, and may help you too)

Dersingham, Norfolk - During a Weekend Healing Crusade that Yan took, a woman was converted, she then explained that her daughter had Chronic Leukaemia which was very serious; so he prayed for her. The lady and her husband were both baptised a few weeks later, and testified of their daughter's complete healing. 

East Goscote, Leicester - A Christian who'd had Diabetes for years told Yan that she found it difficult to believe in God's healing because she was a Nurse. After counsel Yan prayed for her; she knew she was healed, and reported back to the church some time later that the healing remained.

Thamesmead, South London - A young Christian girl Gail knew well, asked if she would talk with her backslidden boyfriend. When he came to visit, Gail suggested they went for a walk along the river path with Gail's dog. They chatted for some time, then the Spirit led the conversation toward God's healing power. The lad said "yeah, I wanted to be a professional footballer - I was really good, until I got this knee injury" He agreed to prayer, so Gail put her hand on his knee and spoke the Word of the Lord. Then, he lifted his knee a few times and smiled, then kicked out his leg repeatedly; laughing joyfully he said 'all the pain has gone! I can't believe it! How did you do that?' - 'Jesus did' was the reply, they carried on the walk and he was encouraged to read his Bible, obey the Word and get back to church.


Benfleet, Essex - A lady who'd had Asthma since she was a baby, just accepted that nothing could be done for her, so adjusted her life and coped as best she could. As Yan preached and shared the Word of the Lord, she suddenly realised she didn't have to put up with it anymore. She asked for prayer, and was healed!


Coalville, Leicester - Following a Stroke a lady was unable to lift her arm. After Yan prayed for her, she was able to raise it all the way up!


Yeovil, Somerset - A lady with considerable pain due to a Slipped Disc asked Yan for prayer. God's power went through her, so she was able to touch her toes a number of times without any pain at all!


Biggleswade, Bedford - As Yan preached, a lady was carefully laid down on the floor in front of him. He later found out she'd damaged her back 3 months previously in a horse-riding accident. She didn't want to miss the meeting and chose to come. The pain was so severe, she had no choice but to lay flat throughout the message. After prayer, Yan encouraged her to get up and do what she couldn't before. She was able to bend down several times without any pain, and went away rejoicing!


An 80-year-old lady told Yan she'd had migraines for over 10 years; recently it had been so bad, she'd been in bed for 3 days, so he prayed for her. 4 months later, when Yan returned to the church, she told him that when she went home after his prayer, the sickness she felt was even worse than before; she went to bed and the next morning when she got up, she was completely healed, and had no problems since!


An 8-year-old boy came with his mother for prayer. For several years he'd been in pain whenever he moved his fingers. He had no dexterity with his hand. Yan prayed, God healed him and he began to move his fingers without any pain, and touched each finger with his thumb, one after the other.


Leicester - Gail met a man with chronic back pain. He agreed to prayer and as she laid her hand on his back and spoke the Word of the Lord, he said he felt heat and much of the pain had gone; he went on his way; she thanked God and asked Him to bring it to completion.


Cheshire - A lady with a serious throat condition caused by a growth was reminded by her daughter that many years previously she'd been to see a man known as 'The King of the Gypsies', where he was telling fortunes. She had been in a group of friends, and she laughed at him. He pointed to her, and put a curse on her life telling her that she would 'come to a sticky end'. After hearing Yan preach, the lady went for prayer; she said that nothing the Doctor prescribed was able to make her better. She was led in prayer to renounce and repent for visiting the Fortuneteller. Then Yan prayed for her, that she would be healed and set free. Later she spoke of how she felt herself giving a deep sigh, as though a great burden had left her, and testified that she felt the growth had gone, because she was able to swallow more easily, and was completely free!


Brauton, Devon - A dear lady had severe arthritis in both hands, causing her fingers to be curled inwards. In addition, she had brittle bones and needed to wear metal calipers on both forearms for the rest of her life; she also had bandages on both hands. The damage to her bones was causing her much pain. Yan prayed - God's healing was so powerful she pulled off her bandages and unstrapped the metal supports, then moved her fingers and wrists perfectly testifying she had no pain!


Longsight, Manchester - During his preaching, Yan noticed a lady in tears; she looked as if she was in severe discomfort. At the close of the message he went to her. She explained she'd had severe back pain for many years. The condition that night was excruciating. He prayed for her, then encouraged her to bend to touch her toes; she managed to do this without any difficulty. She was so excited, she ran up and down the aisle of the church, then testified to everyone that the pain had completely gone!  


Hatherleigh, Devon - a 75-year-old man with lumbago in both wrists, which was very painful and restricting his movements for 4 years, came forward for prayer during Yan's message, even before the invitation was given. He was 'slain in the Spirit' and got up excited and radiant, testifying to the congregation that the pain had gone, and his wrists were free from the restriction he'd previously had!


Malvern, Worcester - A woman responded for prayer  for healing on behalf of her daughter, who wasn't at the meeting. She shared that her daughter had a yellow complexion, due to a serious liver complaint. The following morning Yan was taking an Open Air Outreach Service in the town and met the parents; they testified that her colour was back to normal and she was healed!

And finally - a Doctor had told a young lad of 14, that nothing could be done for his deaf ear - however, Yan prayed for him and he was instantly healed!


  • Although there's much more to glorify God with - however, we trust that as you've seen above, the blind really do see, the deaf really do hear, and people are set free from all kinds of sickness and disease. 

  • All things are possible to him who believes - so we pray your faith in God's supernatural, miracle-working power has been encouraged

When all she wanted to do was die due to excruciating pain, Gail played the song below repeatedly every morning, giving her strength to endure relentless pain - until her healing came

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