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Open Air Outreach & Evangelism Training

OPEN AIR MINISTRY: For over 30 years, Yan and a committed team of workers from various churches have been preaching faithfully, twice a month, in Leicester's City Centre.  



If you would like to come along to support us at any time we would be delighted to see you. Speak to Yan or Gail to introduce yourself, and let us know if you will be alongside praying, or if you would like to give out tracts, sing or preach.

Sharing the Love of God with the Lost




As an example, a church in North Devon held such event.  Yan taught Saturday morning on the principles of sharing the Christian faith and being confident to witness. In the afternoon, members of the church went onto the streets with Yan, to put into practice what they had learned.

As a result, a young backslidden couple were challenged on their doorstep. They came back to the Lord and became committed members of the local Pentecostal church. The husband went on to become a Trustee and part of the church Leadership team!  Glory to God!! 

Yan has motivated and equipped many churches in outreach across the country, through weekends of training on Evangelism, as well as a series of Seminars


Multitudes hear the Word of the Lord, and it's a joy when people surrender their lives to Christ. We praise God for every person who responds for salvation and healing:


You will see many accounts of Hecklers; we welcome them

- they draw a crowd who stay longer than they would have done, and hear the good news! 


We always welcome new Team Members, and thank God for them. A man of God joined us after some years of not Evangelising; he was excited to discover on the City streets he was on fire for the Lord. As we watched him it seemed he was like a magnet to both Christians requiring prayer and the lost; it was like watching fish jump out of the sea, into the disciple's boat! Others have joined us and they are quietly going about the Lord's business and seeing fruit. A sister who's been with us years, and seeing an abundance of fruit through her one-to-one's has always been encouraged to speak on the microphone, but declined to do so, however, recently she stepped out with a spirit of boldness and rivers of living water flowed out of her.


Heidi angrily confronted the speaker, with her face in hers, growling “You are lying, it is not true!” – As the speaker stepped back and workers intervened the woman defiantly stormed off, only to return almost immediately in tears. She spoke with two members of the team about her pain of past sexual abuse and even allowed them to pray for her. When the preacher finished, she went to Heidi and seeing her distressed, asked if she wanted a hug. She gladly said ‘yes’, and held on for a long time, crying, as she told her sad story. Salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration were shared with her.

Sarah was keen to know about Jesus. The gospel was shared; she repented and prayer for the Spirit to fill and guide her was given. Text and phone communication led to meeting up and taking her to church. She said it felt nice there and she wants to return. The Team Member has committed to take her for a few weeks until she feels 'at home'; maybe trying one or two other churches as she's keen 'to know  more than one to see what the people are like'. She was fascinated by testimony of the wonders of God given, and then,  without any word spoken relating to these things being said, she declared she felt she should stop drinking, drugs, and lying. She was also greatly encouraged when testimony about the benefits and blessings to a woman there is, when she chooses to wait for God to bring a man into her life. This also made her reassess her lifestyle, and give her hope for the future. Praise God for this precious young mother, and His power at work in her. 

Verbal abuse came from one of a group of young men who got very close to confront the speaker. A Team Member intervened, inviting all 5 lads to move away saying she’d speak with them. Two were disgusting in what they were saying; nonetheless, she calmly handled them, all the time aware of the other 3, and in particular one young man. She shared as much of the gospel as she could, then gently and with great compassion she said, ‘you can’t know everything about everything can you?’ Handling more mockery, she continued, ‘when you’re alone, ask God if He is real, ask Jesus if He died for you, and what exactly that means to you.’ It was evident that the one lad she'd noticed, was unmistakably touched by the Spirit of God through this word; hallelujah!


Akin recently moved to Leicester. He’d grown up in church, but then drifted away. He chatted to a Team Member who gave her testimony of being suicidal, and how God’s amazing power had transformed her life. Listening with great interest, he shared that he was suicidal, about to lose his home, and was suffering with depression. After a long conversation, he gave his contact details and parted happily, with a huge hug! Since then there has been a lot of text and email communication, and many scriptures shared. Prayers continue for him.

Melanie and her teenage son listened to the speaker; when she finished joined them. The son shared he'd been in a car crash the day before with 4 others, and  knew it was a miracle they survived. The experience shook him, so he wanted to know more about Jesus. He welcomed prayer and mobile numbers were exchanged. The speaker then went to say 'hello' to the mum, who referred to the preaching, saying "what happened to you, also happened to me". She spoke of the sexual abuse she suffered when pregnant with her son, saying she'd not told anyone before except her doctor. The GP diagnosed post-traumatic-stress-disorder, and recommended she spoke with a Counsellor. Melanie was encouraged to hold those thoughts until such a time as the speaker could meet and talk further with her about God, and how He brings healing and freedom. She left with her son, with tears in her eyes, reflecting on what had been said.


The preacher finished speaking, and handed the microphone to the next person. She was immediately confronted by 2 men raging about what she said regarding hell. In a quiet voice, scriptures were quoted and questions asked, but in fury they yelled obscenities and left. Immediately following this, another 2 men approached saying, “did you really tell them they were going to hell?” The preacher replied ‘yes, they are without Jesus Christ as their Saviour, just as everyone is, that is why we come out to share the Good News of Christ’s salvation …’ Both lads explained they ‘stood on science’ – when asked what they meant, apart from quoting the name ‘Darwin’ they couldn’t explain anything else. As the Gospel was shared with them, it was noted that one of the lads started filming on his phone; the Word of God continued to be spoken, and it was explained that if a person really wants to know Him, they can do. The lad filming contemptuously said ‘so if I say God prove yourself! ‘Look! I’m standing here! Here I am! You say He can prove it’, he continued, ‘Go on then, prove it!’. As he laughed at his own joke, he was told ‘You need to know that God is not mocked, but if you seriously want to know the truth, then read John’s Gospel, and respectfully ask Him whatever question you want to’. He took the Gospel and the conversation lasted just a little longer. Later he was seen filming the next speaker and laughing as he did so. Intercession was made for God's mercy and that He'd pour out His Spirit upon them etc


Linda, an Irish Roman Catholic, shared her problems. She’d been prayed for many times by her church, and asked who the best saint to pray to was. She was told by the team member, “Mary and the saints cannot help you – only Jesus can get rid of sin and of the devil’s influence in your life”. Linda was asked, “who is controlling your life, because Jesus is not?” Linda agreed to be led in prayer for Jesus to change her life, and for all her fears of dying to be dispelled. After a lengthy time spent with her, she waved her hands excitedly in the air saying, “I belong to Jesus now” – as she left the Clocktower area, she was heard singing “I belong to Jesus now!”

Kelly listened for 20 minutes, eagerly waiting for the speaker to talk with her. She’d been to Sunday School as a child, but later in life got heavily into drugs. Recently she called out to God saying she’s had enough of her lifestyle, and was asking for His help. She’d been a lot calmer since and the Lord had amazingly protected her from the ‘Dealers’ who were no longer ‘pushing her’ to buy from them. She remarked, ‘it’s as if they don’t even notice me these days!’ Kelly wasn’t in church, but regularly reads her Bible. She was pleased to receive prayer for a home and a job and was invited to church. A contact card was given, and an email contact made.

Jason said he was suffering from depression:  We spoke of the love Jesus had for Him and shared the message of the cross, encouraging him to receive Christ as Saviour and Lord. He was gladly led in the sinner's prayer; we could see that he looked a different person, and then he said joyfully that he no longer needed prayer for depression!


Sarah - 'a young in Christ' woman crying with tormenting thoughts and emotions, was brought by a Team Member to another worker, for help. She was in an Anglican church, regularly reading her Bible, praying and had thought about Baptism. She was happy to have hands laid on her and receive prayer. Immediately she felt at peace. She happily stood in the rain in her thin top for over 20 minutes, so she could listen to the preaching of the Team Member who'd prayed for her. When the speaker had finished, Sarah then ran to hug her and arrangements were made to take her to church which she gladly accepted, and she was picked up and introduced at church that Sunday where she received a warm welcome.

Drunken distractions: a drunken man punched a Transvestite sitting in front of us as we were preaching. He was questioned by a policeman, and though the officer tried to reason with the man he was getting increasingly aggressive. The officer therefore unclipped his handcuffs to show he’d use them if he had to. Unfortunately the man became more agitated and had such strength that the policeman couldn’t control him. In an instant one of the team, and an elderly onlooker, rushed forward to restrain the drunk allowing the cuffs to be applied, while a second team member kept another drunken man trying to intervene, away from them. The preaching carried on even though the situation was quickly escalating with the angry drunk. Eventually, 5 burly Police arrived, but between them they failed to get him into their car. Some time later, even more Police descended in the City behind us, with a van – it took them quite some time to be able to eventually bundle him in, and drive away!


Two weeks later, another alcoholic lashed out, yelling and swearing at the speaker. Though he left, he later returned waving wire cutters, and with determination tried to cut the microphone cable being held by the preacher. Team Members quickly gathered to restrain him, and took authority over the demonic spirit controlling him. As this wrestling was going on, suddenly a woman, Chantel, rushed at speed toward him, pushed him extremely hard once, then again, telling him to leave us alone. We discovered she was angry at his attack on us; her parents are Catholic, but she has no faith. Please join us in prayer for this brave girl’s salvation! At a different meeting, right in front of the preaching, another alcoholic attacked a drunken man who’d been sleeping on a seat – his partner and son were nearby, and the little lad cried out in terror to see his father badly beaten.

David heckled loudly and persistently, going away and returning many times to express his views. He was very agitated by the preaching and at one stage lunged forward suddenly to grab the microphone! The preacher held on to this tightly so his intentions were thwarted, and the meeting continued. The encouraging thing was that an unknown lady, who’d been sitting nearby, sprang to her feet and swiftly intervened very firmly telling him to leave us alone! This welcome action was followed up by an experienced team member drawing alongside, spending time speaking calmly and lovingly with the man. We were surprised to see another woman who felt our freedom of speech was being compromised, and decided not to sit by, but too the matter into her hands.

Sue, a young woman, listened intently, throughout a full message; standing at first, later, leaning in a crouch position against a post, then eventually taking a seat. When the preacher had finished, she went to sit beside her. It was discovered her estranged husband had hung himself 18 months previously; with many tears Sue shared that she'd also been suicidal, repeatedly over several years. She was distraught because of having argued on the phone with her husband just before he died, and had no idea of his depressed state of mind. Sue has two sons - she’s concerned they don’t speak of their Father. A long conversation took place, contact details exchanged, and she was glad of a hug before she left.

Manjit, a Sikh asked for prayer, sharing with us that he had cancer and felt suicidal.  He wanted to put his faith in Christ but still hold on to the Sikh faith and attend the Temple.  We shared with him how he needed to make a clear choice about which was the true path for him to follow.  He was happy to give us his contact details and we sent him many scriptures to show he needed to choose Jesus and have no other gods.  Also included were prayers for him to say daily.

Kevin listened intently to the preaching, then came for prayer. He spoke warmly of God and His power, following a devastating 90mph car crash and how God sustained him, healing his body. He requested prayer for his mind which is not as it was prior to the accident. Hands were laid on him and prayer commenced. We asked ‘can you feel anything going on?’ He replied ‘yes, I can feel God’s power and also a coldness going through me, which is great because I’ve been sweating buckets’ – Glory to God, it was an exceptionally hot day!

A young man named Lucio, visiting from Kentucky, approached a Team Member and spoke of how he, his father and mother, followed many different cults. He said one of the names they followed was Lucifer. He was told that this is one of the names of Satan and what he and his parents were engaged in, was witchcraft. It was explained to him how dangerous a situation this was to be in, and the gospel was carefully and fully shared. Following this he was asked if he wanted Jesus to set him free from witchcraft. He agreed and said aloud, “Jesus, please set me free.”  He also allowed the Team Member to take his hand and pray for him. The worker concluded by asking the Holy Spirit to enter him and fill him. After this he asked if we had a complete Bible he could buy. We hadn’t, so he was given a John’s Gospel to take away.

Sudaha, a Christian, stood by the speaker. When invitation for prayer for healing and salvation was given, she stepped forward. She said that God had told her to come into town that day – so she knew she was there for a reason. She explained a multitude of health problems. Prayer and deliverance ministry followed; she left joyful and in peace.

A man mocking approached the speaker, heckling as she preached. He came very close to her saying, “The Comedy Show was on last week, you missed it, it’s too late now to be sharing your comedy.” Without flinching she replied, “If it were comedy, then it would be something to laugh about, but going to hell is no laughing matter!” Within 5 minutes of this, an irate woman shouted at her “It shouldn’t be allowed, get off the streets, you have no right!” In spite of the verbal opposition, the speaker continued sharing the gospel undaunted.

Warren an 18 year-old backslider grew up in church; he was fed up being told what to do. He candidly said he was having sex when he wanted, and nobody was going to tell him he couldn’t do that, nor in fact, anything else he wanted to do. The Team Worker said she had no idea how it is for men, then explained the long-term effects of that lifestyle on most women, because of how God’s made them. Although he refuted that idea, and told her not to judge everyone, then went into some detail about his strict upbringing, and that he'd have none of it anymore. However, when she went on to speak about sexually transmitted diseases and the devastating, long-term results of unwanted pregnancies, that clearly brought him off-track about himself. The Team Worker smiled and said ‘you know God’s not going to let you go, I hear often of backsliders returning to the Lord, and I truly pray that you are one of them’. He shook her hand, expressing his appreciation of what she said. 

Matthew shared a very sad story: he has an autistic son, and another young son with an incurable disease. His father is also dying. His Nan and Granddad ran a church that he grew up in. Some months back, he suffered immensely when, due to ‘mistaken identity', he had his door broken down and was beaten with a crowbar. He listened as gospel truths were shared, encouraging his faith, and gladly received prayer.  


Michael, a homeless man, was sitting on the cold pavement with his dog. Caution is taken every time, as a significant number of people use this as a ruse to obtain cash, and it's known they can accumulate hundreds of pounds in a month. However, we don’t ignore all such people and ask God for discernment each time. He said he'd been made redundant - his only family was his Nan in residential care, so he couldn't sleep on her sofa. Michael hadn't mentioned to her that he was on the streets so as not to upset her. He'd thought about spiritual things, and said he wouldn't mind coming along to church, so contact details and a financial gift were given.

Jessie listened attentively to the preaching for a long while, and then accepted the invitation by the preacher to talk with team members. She spoke emotionally of her backslidden condition, and expressed a sincere desire to get right with God. Church details were given and several prayed with her. Through email contact she assured us that she and her husband would soon be back in fellowship.

Aggressive Woman & Hecklers: at one meeting the preaching was interrupted by a man shouting, “instead of going on at everyone, you should be doing something about the poor woman lying there on the pavement!” He referred to a woman laying in the sunshine, just a few feet in front of us, on a huge pillow, supping her alcohol, and happily listening to the speaker.

  • As the first man continued shouting, suddenly another man rushed to the scene, yelling, pointing at the woman on the ground, and swearing at the speaker; he was rebuked by a member of the public for using foul language. A 3rd man approached the woman on the ground to help; she screamed at him, swearing and flailing her arms, so he retreated.

  • When the preacher had finished her message, she bent down to say ‘hello, I’ve spoken to you before, are you OK? The woman responded, slurring her words and saying she was hungry. The Team Member said she’d go with her to get food, then helped her up, and held her hand as she staggered along. The woman demanded money, but was told ‘no I’ll buy you something’; she then rushed into a shop screaming, and with her arm cleared a glass shelf of all its contents; as they smashed to the floor, she ran out. The Team Member watched as the she continued swearing then ran into another shop screaming, causing more damage by catching a string of fairy lights on her arm as she ran out.  The Team Member went to the first shop and paid for the damaged goods.

  • Some time later, the volatile woman returned to where the preaching was. She slapped a large yogurt pot on top of the Amplifier, ripped 4 long sausages from a packet and rammed them in the pot, causing yogurt to pour onto the Amplifier. She was then approached by another worker who quietly picked up her large pot and gently asked her to come over to the seated area. The woman exploded with rage, screaming and cursing. She hit the pot with the back of her hand so that the contents flew in all directions; over team member’s clothes, bags, the posters and the Amplifier. Then, a slightly ‘less inebriated’ man came over; he said “move away from here, leave these people alone”. She stormed off screaming obscenities.

  • The senior-aged preacher valiantly carried on speaking, and a surprising amount of the public stepped forward, supportively, to make sure he was alright, while the rest of the team gathered round with tissues and water to clean up the mess.


Shive, a lovely natured 19-year-old lad, brought up in a Hindu home, said he’s not interested in his parent’s faith, but he’s heard Christians in the City before and is open to the Christian message. After a 10 minute chat, he was pleased to take a John’s Gospel to read, and agreed to ask Jesus if He was real, and to prove it to Him.


Lee, a homeless man we’ve had contact with for some time; who'd given his life to the Lord, keenly read his John’s gospel and was delighted when he found some really good trainers. Very sadly, the next time we met, he was in an extremely bad way with drugs; and he'd been badly beaten up. The Team Member sat on the pavement with him. His trainers had been stolen, so the shoes on his feet were too small. Aged 38, Lee doesn’t drink, but has taken drugs since his teens. He won’t go to the local emergency accommodation centre, because he has agoraphobia and fear of people, so he remains on the street. He has a very gentle spirit; not only are his nails chewed almost to the quick, but his fingertips are shockingly worn down. Contact has been made with a Christian Drug Rehabilitation Centre, who is willing to take him. Since then, he’s not been seen for a long time. Prayers continue that he will be found, and he’ll agree to have an interview with the Centre; that God will remove all fear from him, and give him peace around the people – also, a place will be available for him when he’s ready.


Betty a lovely Christian from Dubai had been in Leicester a week; she’s here to study Archaeology. She was fascinated at our freedom of speech, so listened for a while. She was keen to discover the right church for her to go to, so 3 addresses were later sent to her on email. She’s been invited to join us at the outreach, and if she wanted, to sing as she was in her church choir, or to share her testimony.  


A drunken man who initially was abusive to the preacher soon began to change as we quietly but forcefully took authority over the evil spirits in him.  He became quite affable and even joined in with the singing group, holding hands while he sang from the song sheets.  Then he left us and went to a lady who had been standing by listening.  He put his arm around her shoulders and brought her to join us in singing as well!  Thankfully she didn't seem perturbed by any of this.  After we had finished singing and continued preaching, he happily walked on his way but she seemed in no hurry to leave.  We said to her light-heartedly, “Thank you for coming to join our choir!”  She replied, “That's alright, I really enjoyed it!” - God indeed moves in mysterious ways! 


Peter, a lovely older gentleman, was angry at the Muslim table, and literature stating ‘Muslim’s love people’, that was erected nearby as we preached. He said, “My son was killed by them!” Although he was annoyed by this, he was happy to engage in conversation with us. When he was asked if he knew Jesus, he smiled and answered that he didn’t, though he went to Sunday School as a child, and laughed as he said both his name was in the Bible. He was in a hurry, but was pleased to have stopped.

An abusive and aggressive heckler confronted the preacher seeking to be disruptive. Then, a man approached one of the team, asking if we were alright. The worker said, "Yes, he didn’t touch the preacher." He asked her what she thought had provoked the aggressive man. She replied, "The speaker was preaching about Jesus Christ." Later she wondered if the man who had shown concern was a plain-clothes policeman when he said, "I think the person was on drugs. He seems to have gone away now, but I will be around and will look after you." In the most part, the Police are very supportive of us - however, there has been one woman in particular who is not, but we know our rights of freedom of speech and having had a conversation with her, carry on with the Lord's will.


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