Gail's testimony CD has been making an impact.

We've had several encouraging comments.

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For years Gail has given her testimony both to small gatherings and large congregations; anything from a 10 minute snippet, to 45 minutes. Men and women have shared how they have been shocked and full of praise to God for what He has done. Numbers have wept, still more are impacted in significant ways; Gail gives all glory and thanks to God. She's recently had invitations to speak at a large gathering of churches together at a Joint Housegroup Meeting in Knutsford, a Women's Breakfast in Kettering, and a small Ladies Meeting in Hinckley.  

If you would like her to come to speak in your church or gathering then do get in contact.

A young woman involved in church ministry in Leicestershire said: because of you, I went to see my Doctor to tell him I was suicidal and he's looking after me now.

Babs ordered 5 copies, then emailed: Thank you for sending me the copies of Gail's testimony. I have had a listen & it is an amazing testimony. And what a lovey lady too. I have given 2 away & considering who to give the others to. 

I'm sure i'll be sending for some more, asap. Love & God bless to you both, & your family too xxx