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Gail's testimony CD has been making an impact.

We've had several encouraging comments.

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For years Gail has given her testimony both to small gatherings and large congregations; anything from a 10 minute snippet, to 45 minutes. Men and women have shared how they have been shocked and full of praise to God for what He has done. Numbers have wept, still more are impacted in significant ways; Gail gives all glory and thanks to God. She's recently had invitations to speak at a large gathering of churches together at a Joint Housegroup Meeting in Knutsford, a Women's Breakfast in Kettering, and a small Ladies Meeting in Hinckley.  

If you would like her to come to speak in your church or gathering then do get in contact.

A young woman involved in church ministry in Leicestershire said: because of you, I went to see my Doctor to tell him I was suicidal and he's looking after me now.

Babs ordered 5 copies, then emailed: Thank you for sending me the copies of Gail's testimony. I have had a listen & it is an amazing testimony. And what a lovey lady too. I have given 2 away & considering who to give the others to. 

I'm sure i'll be sending for some more, asap. Love & God bless to you both, & your family too xxx

A lady wrote: 'Just listened to your powerful testimony CD, Gail. Wow!  So sorry about all you had to go through. It’s good that you listed all God´s promises in the Bible and found them true; lots of hard work went into that. We have a lady at church whose daughter works with girls involved in human trafficking. I'm thinking of lending the CD to her.'

A local Christian heard the recording and emailed: Hi, my amazing Miracle Sister - Your testimony is so amazing - almost too amazing to believe!!!  When we meet up tomorrow I want to give you a BIG HUG.

Rose, a Lady from St. Annes, Lancs spoke encouragingly of how she was greatly challenged by the message and testimony. It had gripped her so much she said she had to sit down again, and listen really carefully to it, to take it all in.

Having heard this testimony recently, a friend said ‘I can’t look at you without tears welling up’. He’d played it to his daughter. She said ‘… I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or what to do after I’d heard it. It’s something everyone should hear. I have friends who ask me to prove my God and I can’t, but there’s no denying Him with this, I have to give them copies’. She recommended recording them onto memory sticks for people who don’t have CD players, and our friend said he’s having 10 copies made to give out himself. All glory, honour and praise to God for the wonderful work He’s done in my life, and for the impact the testimony of His grace, love and power has on others.

A lady from Preston, Lancs called to say she'd been through a lot of very painful situations over many years, and was going to borrow the CD from someone who she knew had recently purchased it. She has continued to be in regular contact by email and is receiving encouragement and prayer from Gail. Her last email said, “Many thanks for your email and for your testimony, it has enabled me to forgive my sister. I’m so glad you’ve kept in touch with me. You have strengthened me enormously.”

A Church Elder wrote: Hi Yan, great to have you share God's word last Sunday at Wellspring. We just listened to Gail's testimony. Wow how powerful. What a blessing she has become.please tell her we were very encouraged love Brian & Jan 

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