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Salvation by Grace, through Faith, a Gift from God

Gail Hadley - Personal Testimony at foot of page (some have wept, others are stunned)

Gail is fully occupied with Administration for the Trust, Preaching twice a month at the Open Air Outreach & sharing the Gospel one-to-one with passers-by. Often she Counsels on email, sometimes the phone, occasionally in our home. In addition she's been asked to speak in Churches, Housegroups & Ladies Meetings, sharing her Testimony, as well as messages the Spirit moved upon Churches to ask her for, and seeing the power of God changing lives with revelation, healing and deliverance. Click Link for message example.


Gail supports and encourages Christians, the backslidden and the unsaved. Some get in contact after hearing her Testimony when she has been on Itinerary with Yan, also those she's prayed with, after Yan's message at his preaching engagements, who've wanted more help than she's able to give at a meeting. Others make contact via the website, seen Yan on Christian TV, and others Gail meets at the Open Air Outreach who require further counselling

She says it is a joy to minister to people who are sick and in pain, some who are not sure they've ever 'been saved' - those with family conflicts and financial problems, and so much more. God pours out His Spirit enabling her to give practical and spiritual advice and support that is necessary. A few examples:


  • We give all praise, honour and glory to God for the suicidal Mum 'C' who gave her life to the Lord, and the many months that Gail was able to visit her home, supporting her during a dark and devastating period of her life. Also for Sue, a young Christian, who came to our home. She received the Word, which brought deliverance, and as the glory of God increased, she exclaimed, 'I saw Jesus come to bring my healing'. In addition, 'F', suicidal and requiring intense support for a long period; God performed many miracles for her.

  • Following prayer from  a number of churches over many years, in our home the Spirit moved upon Gail to bring deliverance to the man from a spirit of fear. She gave him scriptures to meditate at home, to keep the victory. And there was another very mature Christian who we visited; she 'saw fear' spoke into the situation - and as she knew the spirit had gone, the man said "it's gone!" - God is so good!

  • Also for the faith-filled Christian who received regular email support - then visits for one-to-one ministry in our home, they saw transformation as the advice given was put into practice.  



     Gail shares her Testimony with small and large gatherings. As is often the case, some weep, others are stunned. 

see more on Resources / Testimony CD.


  • Among much feedback here's one response : What you said last night was very powerful, and as you spoke a sense of God’s Love Mercy and Forgiveness was so strong, you have such an amazing anointing, which is powerful, and through the Holy Spirit, able to change lives. - Pastor H


     Gail certainly didn't see regular preaching as her ministry, the Lord however increases His very strong promptings and opening doors.

     'Obedience' Gail had not spoken in church for a year; she's an extremely reluctant speaker; but God gave her no rest until she agreed. As she preached, there was unusual silence, with a few quiet ‘amen’s’ which is out of character for the normally lively congregation. Afterwards, quite a number said 'it was very good, but challenging'. One let her know it made them 're-evaluate how they’re living'. Another came for confession and repentance. A visitor said “the message was amazing; you gave us a year’s worth of teaching in one sermon!” A man Gail thought would dislike it, said “it was very good indeed, thank you.” Another person let her know there had been discussion on the way home in the car with their family, and another family were discussing it for quite some time - Praise the Lord! In addition, following contact made through the website from Latvia for healing, a young lady went on to listen to the Fasting message, then encouraged her church to Fast; this was the first time the whole church has done this, they were so encouraged, they will do so again. Then she listened to the Obedience message and wrote, ‘it is such a blessing! I felt something like fear and awe whilst listening. I told my Grandma about it, and what happened when you took it to church, and told her that it’s like warning a little child not to touch a hot stove, because we know what will happen. I praise God for you, because you care about His truth and have good messages that really are a help.’ She has translated this into Latvian to give to a backslidden relative. Gail is hugely humbled God intended such things and gives all glory to Him.


     'Judgement Day' was well received; 13 people, out of a small congregation, made a point of thanking Gail for the strength she had to share such a message that's rarely spoken of. Though a few were clearly not pleased to hear the message, and were irritated with the scripture readings, it was a blessing to hear the encouragement from the many.


     'Prayer and Fasting', was very much about the practical application of this commandment of God.  The feedback from the church was very positive as people were encouraged either to fast for the first time, or go to 'another level' in their prayer and fasting; in addition, quite a number of people have said they've been blessed by the message sent out on CD, and heard via the website  - Link to Fasting Message

     'Preparation for Persecution and Christ's Return' was a message God gave to Gail that she kept close to her heart for 3 years. When requested by the Trustees to bring a message to their quarterly meeting, Gail felt prompted to share what God had given her. All of the Trustees said it was powerful, and agreed among themselves that she should take it out to churches. She's shared it at 2 so far; feedback was encouraging from individuals and leaders; a Deacon said 'it was perfect; along the lines of how God has been leading our church'. God

     'Sons of God Reject Fear' Responding to the request to speak with a message for Mother's Day, Gail prepared over some weeks an interesting message about Spirit-filled women of God. Whilst listening to the morning message God started stirring her up, also, during her 20 minute drive home. Within 45 minutes she'd typed up another message and took it to the meeting at the beginning of Covid-19, when few were in church; others on Zoom Video and Facebook Live. It can be seen on YouTube; To view, click this link -

     'It's Not Only Evangelists Who Should Share The Gospel of Christ Jesus - The Why & How'  for six months God had been calling Gail to take a message to church. She prayed, ignored, wrestled, wondering if it was her thoughts or God's. Finally she realised she wasn’t going to get peace until she spoke to her Pastor. Due to health issues at that time, it was a miracle that she prepared and managed to deliver 2 weeks of testimony and teaching.

  • Feedback was phenomenal, with lots of conversations, hugs, gratitude, and commitment from people to take evangelism seriously.

  • In addition, she received an email: Great to hear your preach on Sunday, really was a wake-up call to speak the Gospel & the Truth. Well done! A… was impacted by your preach the week before when we were away; I hope to catch up on that one.

  • Another response was: I was considering suicide; your message encouraged me to talk with my GP.

     'Ladies Breakfast, Northants' - Giving Testimony and sharing why we should stay close to God, and gain confidence to share the good news of Christ Jesus with the lost. 4 Backsliders returned to God, one later admitted she'd grown very cold. The power of God was felt going into a lady who came for healing. Deliverance; a sister felt the enemy manifesting cold throughout her body, and a gripping on both arms. A dear lady shared her abortion story and received encouragement and peace.


Gail greatly honours and thanks God, that He works His power through her so profoundly in people’s lives.  


TESTIMONIES - see more under 'Power of God' Tab

  • A few testimonies - from Prayer Counsel and Ministry: 


     ... even in my darkest hours, you always say something to lift me up - thank you.

     ... it’s a privilege to uphold a struggling, despairing sister who wrote: I will keep your email and read and reread it. Many thanks Gail for your love, when I am feeling down and out and at rock bottom. Many thanks for loving me despite … Thank you for not judging me and rejecting me. I’m not far off crying. Thank you Gail … I’d advised this person to write the scriptures in a book to refer to when struggling. Some time later they wrote: Gail, I’ve just finished copying out the Words of Life that you sent me. I feel so much better for reading and concentrating on them. I have felt very anxious and down today. It has all gone. I praise and thank God for the honour of being used by Him in this way.

     Following a phone call from a sister in despair, I received an email: Just wanted to thank you for your listening/prayer the other day and tell you the outcome. That night was the first night for ages without those awful terrors AND little pain - praise God!! …


     ... my dear Gail, how very grateful we are to receive your powerful, uplifting email. I have just read it to my husband, and his face lit up. ... you are a mighty woman of God, and so useable in God's kingdom, and we send heartfelt thanks for being our dear sister in Christ.

     ... It has been great for me to have your wisdom, love and prayer at the end of the phone.

    ... times when I miss you the most with your precious ministry! I just feel that we need a lady who can minister to other ladies in order to show them to Jesus, we need a beautiful heart like yours here for us women! 

     “The timing of your email was amazing! I was sitting here with tears pouring, wondering why God is so far away this time. Thank you for taking the trouble to write such a thoughtful email and for your continued prayers. 

     “I am so deeply touched by your love, care and compassion for me that I can hardly take it in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and encouragement...”

     “Feel like I am glowing and feeling the Lord’s touch...I feel alive and my life is different than it used to be. My kids thought I had been up the pub drinking the other night when I came home from the prayer meeting, but I know it was the Holy Spirit within me!  …”

     "How did you know that? How come you said that to me? It was exactly right; how did you know?"


Gail says: oh how wonderful that God's plan is, that by the power of the Holy Spirit,

words of encouragement, wisdom and knowledge are given to His Body - glory to God!


Gail also says : one of my heartfelt burdens in ministry is to help those that have been damaged and traumatised by abuse in one form or another. 


     In this nation, most recent figures I have for just one year are shocking. 

The Samaritans were contacted by 5,319,462 people. 

5,706 people committed suicide. 

20,758 children reported sexual abuse, including rape, gross indecency and incest. 

Although six times higher for girls, this still includes many boys; a third of child victims still don't tell anyone. 

It is something that has remained 'hidden' - people don't speak about it, but many are affected by it. 

In addition, 1 million females and 600,000 men reported domestic abuse. 

There were 189,100 abortions, a few of the women seen having had 4 or 5 terminations.  


In the 2012 report by Deputy Children's Commissioner Sue Berelowitz we see that girls as young as 11 are being forced into horrendous sex acts in 'every town, village and hamlet'. Thousands of children are being lured by predators on internet chat rooms to be gang raped by groups of boys; "There are parts of London where certainly children expect to have to perform oral sex on line-ups of boys, up to two hours at a time from the age of 11" and it was "quite common for girls to be lured via internet chat rooms to meet a friend, only to be met by a group of boys and gang raped in a park, then another group of boys come, they take her to another part of the park and she is serially raped again"  "in one case boys aged 14 and 15 were summoned via Messenger to the gang rape of a 'very, very young girl' which lasted several days".  'One police force showed a list of more then 1,000 girls aged between 12 and 14 whom a man in his 40's masquerading as a boy, had managed to make his "friends" on Facebook.  In another case, older men were using young male gang members as a "front line" in a wider abuse network, and had even forced two of the boys to have sex and filmed it on a mobile phone to ensure their compliance'.  


  • Since Jimmy Savile and 'others' have been exposed; what has been buried in women and men for years, has now resurfaced in their lives for them to live through again.


  • In addition - statistics reveal that 50% of the church are ensnared in pornography or some sort of sexual impurity, both men and women. 


Glory to God that He pours out His Spirit to save the lost - but that is only the start of the journey and there are times that people say they love their church, but do not get all the help and support they need, to help them to freedom from besetting sins, pain and trauma of their past. In these cases, I am delighted to offer support to broken people, to bring God's peace and His hope for the future.

Everything is New!


  • The help that God has enabled me to give to others comes not merely from 'head knowledge', but, because I was sexually abused from the age of six to eleven by 'a friend of the family' every time he came to visit our home.  When walking home from school, aged 15, two boys stole books from me; as I left the crowd to retrieve them, I was dragged upstairs into a house with a room full of boys screaming and shouting, and 3 raped me; then they threw me out on the street.  

  • In my later teens and beyond, I went on to suffer much violence, including having a knife held at my throat and death threats.  I have experienced immense fear and terror in my life; I have taken two overdoses that were a 'cry for help' and then there came a point in my life when I knew I had to die because I had no hope whatsoever left in me. 


  • Glory to God that I am a new creation in Christ Jesus; all old things have passed away and everything is new.


I not only empathise with much of what many people have gone through, but also have proof of 'the answer' in Christ Jesus, with the very powerful testimony God has given me of His overwhelming and immense love, healing, deliverance and restoration. 


I ministered to a young mother who explained that she had "intense' and unreal anger" - much of her pain was from severe childhood traumas - it was a delight to see her completely set free by the power of God; I am humbled to be used in such ways towards those He loves so much.

  • '...whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved' - Romans 10:13 

  • 'He heals the broken-hearted, and binds up their wounds' - Psalm 147:3

  • 'The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is upon Me, because the LORD has anointed Me to preach good news to the poor, He has sent Me to bind up the broken-hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives, and release from darkness for the prisoners' - Isaiah 61:1


Following Gail's testimony in Kent, a lady sent an email via the website sharing her heart.  Prayer and support over a few weeks followed and we glorfiy God that she wrote: ... you are awesome and precious and I am so glad I came to the meeting, I don't usually go out in the evenings and when my husband said I could go, even then I didn't feel comfortable, then you spoke and oh my, you are a real blessing and now I want to buy skirts and be a lady and am desperate to lose weight ... Please be very blessed and know that you and my wonderful Saviour have changed my life forever ... 

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