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At an Anglican church in Cliftonville, Margate, Yan had to use a rather unusual, handmade pulpit to stand on, which had a very small base. The design of the lectern projected forward at an odd angle, so it was rather uncomfortable to use, and not at all stable.

At the conclusion of the message, as he gave his invitation, asking the congregation to prayerfully bow their heads and close their eyes, Yan leaned onto the lectern, and as he did, the whole pulpit began to tilt, and started slowly moving forward!

At that moment, one of his team, Jim, who was sitting on the front row, was thankfully alert, and hadn't closed his eyes. He saw what was happening and  reached out, without moving from his seat, to steady both Yan and the pulpit - and simply pushed it back into position!

None of the congregation was aware of what had occurred, and Jim remarked with a chuckle afterward, that he was greatly amused that Yan just continued the invitation and prayer, mid-flight, without any break in his flow of words at all.

Amusingly, the need to expect the unexpected was never more clearly brought home to Yan than when he was taking a Celebration meeting at an Anglican church in Leicester.


Having preached to a very enthusiastic and responsive congregation he gave an invitation for people to come forward for prayer. Among those to do so, was a large lady who when asked what she would like prayer for, told him she wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He therefore ministered to her, but made the mistake of closing his eyes to pray. As soon as he laid hands on her head, she was immediately 'Slain in the Spirit'. However, she didn't fall backwards, like most people do, she fell forwards, and to his horror came crashing down on top of him!


Much to his discomfort and embarrassment, he found himself completely flattened by the weight of this substantial lady, as she lay on top of him, with Yan struggling in vain to get out from underneath her!  - We guess the moral of the story is, always keep your eyes open when your'e praying for someone!


When Yan was in Ghana, during one of the meetings, his enthusiasm somewhat overtook events. Being used to wooden or perspex pulpits, he soon discovered this one was glass!


It shattered under the weight of an important point he was making; he calmly proceeded with a smile of amusement, even though blood was dripping from his hand.

Didn't Expect That To Happen!

Didn't Expect That To Happen!

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