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     Scripture and the power of God are very much the emphasis of the ministry.  Many testify to the way God gloriously confirms His Word with 'signs following' at hundreds of churches that are visited each year.  

     The power of the Holy Spirit is evidenced with words of knowledge, healing of sickness and disease, deliverance and restoration; as well as release from fears and despair, as well as deliverance from addictions including pornography, alcohol, drugs and very much more. 

Below are brief testimonies to declare the wonderful works God is doing among His people,

including comments from various Church Leaders.

At the end of this page, is an amusing story of the Holy Spirit at work. 

We give God all glory, honour and praise!


     Pastor Paul in Coffinswell, Devon wrote: My dear brother, Yan, It was a great privilege and pleasure to have you once again into the house of God.  You blessed us richly with your testimony and the word of God.  Several have said how encouraged they were by what you brought.  One in particular said it was only your words to not give in that saw him through this week.  He said had it not been for your words, he might not have made it back to church at all.  


     As Covid restrictions continue - and many churches remain closed or not yet  inviting visiting preachers, Yan is sharing messages on Zoom Videos. An email from Cranbrook in Kent was received following a meeting with them:

     "Good morning Yan, So good to see you yesterday evening. Your message struck a chord with us all and was much appreciated! I’m forwarding this letter for your encouragement. This lady is a blessing to us, and I trust she’ll begin to realise her potential in Christ Jesus. I hope you can come and share at one of our monthly Filling Station gatherings when you are next in Kent.

    Vicky: "I am not sure if I got it right, but I understood that you know Yan, our speaker this evening.  I wonder if you are able to mention to him that I very much felt the Lord speaking to me through his message.  It really touched my heart, brought me peace and lots of hope. It has been too difficult for me to believe that I can be useful to the Lord.

I am very grateful to the Lord for Yan's message tonight."

Steve from Blackpool emailed to say: Bless you brother Yan trust you are well in the Lord. I just wanted to quickly say that 9 year ago you were preaching in Blackpool at the Elim Church I had back-slidden for almost 12 months but made it to church that night and at the end of the meeting I came to the front you prayed for me and from then on I’ve been walking with the Lord (despite many ups and downs) I preach short messages in my church and my wife and I are serving the Lord together. Sorry for the long message but it’s all for Gods glory. I thank God He put you there that night and I pray He will continually bless you and your ministry. Thanks again for your faithfulness and God bless you always in Jesus mighty name.

Pastor Keith wrote - My very dear Brother & Friend, Your ministry last Friday evening was a very rich blessing to us and very much appreciated. The atmosphere was charged with the presence of the Holy Spirit. It was a truly blessed time. We shall savour that message for some time. God bless you. –  Apostolic Church, Urmston, Manchester.


Bexhill, East Sussex - Weekend Conference plus Training Seminar & Practical Outreach

There is too much to tell, however, in glorifying God for His Word & power, we share the following:


     Pastor Dale wrote: Dear brother Yan and Sister Gail, ... The entire church family really appreciate the time you spent with us and the ministry you brought, it has encouraged, informed and embolden us to go forward strengthened in the ministry of our Lord.  ... We are grateful for your lives and this connection.  

     Evangelist Martin wrote: Pastor and I determined that the church will continue Open Air Meetings, which gladdened my heart.

     A lady who came to express her appreciation for the weekend said "I really enjoyed your teaching and call you 'Doctor Yan', because you make everything so clear with step-by-step instructions"

     A lady who travelled 20 miles, joined the church for one session, later wrote:  I loved Yan’s teaching biblical, informative, inspiring, and funny!  He seemed to be bounding in energy. 

     A church member wrote: It was a pleasure to meet you both at the weekend. I found Yan inspiring and it was an inspiration to see how God is using you both in frontline ministry for the Kingdom .

     A man who attended part of the weekend Seminar, was not able to be with us for the specific Evangelism Training, and requested the teaching notes by email. He wrote: Your insight is remarkable and very humbling and I appreciate your help. I aim to be of use to the Lord in any way I can, so your instructions and encouragement are vital to me and anyone who wants to listen


Following Gail's Testimony:

     A few of the many comments:

     A man came to Gail the moment she stepped from the platform to shake her hand, and give thanks for all she shared, saying how brave she was to do soOne lady said "I can't believe what I heard, I cried". Another said "you are brave, it must be very difficult sharing all that you did". Another man said "I can't believe you've been through so many awful things - it's dreadful you've suffered so much" -  In response to every encouragement Gail gave glory to God for the new life He's given, along with healing, deliverance and restoration.


Outreach in Bexhill Town

     A church member was in agreement with all of the teaching, keen to attend the outreach, but adamant that she would not speak on the microphone. As other people took their turns in communicating the gospel, one brother, later, another encouraged her that she could do it. She refused both times. Gail felt to ask if she’d like to give it a go, she firmly replied ‘no’, Gail encouraged her saying ‘I promise, ‘open your mouth wide, God shall fill it’ - just say something to start, and the Spirit will flow’. She later testified that she heard ‘open your mouth wide’ and just went to speak. We were all delighted – the lady was on fire! Her passion for Jesus was clearly evident to all around – hallelujah! Another sister, though struggling with health issues, was delighted when the Holy Spirit gave her strength and enablement to do what she could not do herself; she spoke for some time on the microphone. The worship team played and sang between speakers, the atmosphere was alive and quite a number gave testimony and preached, while many others engaged wtih passers-by.

     God encouraged the Team, giving many fruitful contacts. One Team Member saw a group of youngsters mocking the church gathering; as he approached them, they attempted to engage him in their insults. They were shocked to discover he was part of the team. He gave testimony of how Jesus impacted his life; they gave their contact details for further communication with him. His offer of prayer for another young male passer-by was gratefully received. A young lady, Kelsie, was smoking a cigarette before going back to work. She was asked if she’d heard any of the preaching; she hadn’t. She was asked if she knew anything about Jesus. She confirmed her Mum had given her a Bible; she’d read it, but it hadn’t done anything for her. Conversation continued for 10 minutes; she was keen to give her email address as she was convinced there must be something that is spiritual, and she’d like to learn more. (her first response to email contact was : When we spoke on Saturday you mentioned that Jesus died for our sins. Why is that? Sorry if i end up asking a ton of questions.  

     Linda was asking Team members ’where’s the preacher that spoke about suicide?’; she’d heard us from her flat above the pub where we were located. She wanted to tell of her suicidal son; she said she was Christian. She insisted on giving a present; a metal stone inscribed with ‘Our Father who art in heaven’. The question was asked ‘you say you’re a Christian, what does that mean to you’. She replied ‘I believe in God, I light 3 candles, and let my prayers go up to the spirits in the sky’. The gospel was preached to her; she was asked if she’d like to repent and turn her life to Jesus as Lord. She followed in a prayer of salvation. As she repeated all that was said, the Spirit clearly moved upon her; she wept, and said with great surprise, touching her stomach area, “I feel heat inside me”. She was very keen to have further contact, and was eager also to get into church. Another lady, Karen was convinced she was Christian, however, she realised after the gospel was shared with her that she wasn’t. She understood how important it is to make a decision for Christ, however, her time was limited, so she gratefully accepted literature about a personal relationship with God, as well as church details, before she left.

Preston Railway Mission - 84 year old Pastor Ian who has faithfully led the church for over 40 years, was unwell on the night of Yan's visit, and explained his wife suggested he stay at home. However Pastor replied, "I can't the man is coming all the way from Leicester, I've got to hear him". A week later, we received an email from a one of the Leaders of the church who is a great blessing each time Yan visits. He wrote:

"Pastor Ian spoke to the congregation last Sunday morning about you & your recent ministry - one thing he said I wrote down, as I wanted to quote it back to you, was that your message to us was 'One of the greatest expositions of God’s truth that I have ever heard!'

I thought you’d be blessed to hear that - we live in very precious times don’t we my brother and God is really moving all around , so today be greatly encouraged as you go on in Him that you are in His Will serving His people in a way that reveals treasure nationally. Many blessings to you and your lovely family." - Philip

Reading, Berks: this was a new contact and Yan was extremely well received by the Pastor as well as the congregation. A good number responded to the offer of prayer. One lady wrote a few days later, "Thank you for your ministry last Sunday night, I stayed with you throughout and found myself praying along with the message each time something stood out to me. God has brought me through the trauma of losing all my ten siblings, seven as infants and two as young women aged just over thirty and forty. I started reading your book yesterday and felt that both your message and the book have helped me stay focussed and trust God. Power flowed as the message progressed and I sensed the Lord touched me when you prayed for me. I felt that there was a demonstration of true godliness that upholds the righteousness of God in a perverse generation throughout your teaching."


A Pastor in Ferryhill sent an email to Yan: It was a blessing having you with us to share something of the heart of God to us. We recognised the Holy Spirit Anointing on the meeting in all aspects. The word which you brought was a challenge, warning and encouragement to all and now the seed has been planted, watered and fed, all that is left is to see it come to fruit.

2 Church Pastors, Kettering, Northants: It was a delight to minister with Gail at this church led by good friends I've known for over 27 years. African Pastors from two other churches joined us, and we had a tremendous time! The Pastors were very positive about Gail's testimony, and the teaching. As a result they've both invited us to their churches to speak.

One of the Pastors wrote graciously saying "... We were both abundantly blessed by the very powerful testimony of your wife and the excellent and anointed, power-packed teaching delivered by you. In fact, my wife called me for a meeting this morning, which was triggered off by your wife's testimony. She said that we need to be more crazy for evangelism in all the communities where the Lord has called us to work. It would be our delight to have you to bless our network of churches. If I am not trying to be too pushy, we would love to have you not just on a one-off basis, but as many times as possible. We just fell in love with you and your wife's style of ministration".

The other Pastor also wrote, and he kindly said: "Thank you for your wonderful ministry yesterday. What a blessing you and your wife were to us. We haven't stopped talking about the evening and how God used you both to bless the body of Christ here in Kettering. May the Lord continue to bless you with much wisdom, knowledge and understanding."

... On a personal note, ... We felt a connection in God with you. It was good to be able to share some of the ups and downs of pastoral ministry. Our role can be a lonely one at times, and having someone on the outside also in ministry is true blessing indeed, and it helps to know you will pray too. Please pass our thanks onto Gail, she gave us some real words of wisdom and so much encouragement ... Blessings in Jesus. JS


Thank you very much for your visit, Gail's testimony impacted our lives, and Yan's teaching was inspirational. Lytham St Anne's     

Yan, that was a major jewel of God in your teaching, but overall I appreciated your exposition of a theme in the Bible, it was classic, solid Bible teaching of a kind you don't hear much of these days.  The Lord has clearly worked much in you and I thank God for your faithfulness.  Love in Jesus.  Richard in Stirling


Great Christian site! The presentation of Christ is pure and very blessed. May the Lord bless all who are involved with it. Yorrie Richards

Hi there Brother Yan Hadley, I just want to thank you for your word tonight at the Gospel Tabernacle Highbridge; For your word was a 'Rhema' word right from the heart of the LORD God! Amen Pastor Kelton Black and Malcolm Spratt!!


Pastor in Kent: Wrote to his congregation prior to a meeting - Yan is one of the best inspirational teachers that I know - He is well worth listening to. Time spent in his company is time well spent.

Maidstone: Yan was the 'after dinner speaker' at a church Fish & Chip Supper. A good response was seen to the preaching and he enjoyed the relaxed, informal occasion very much. The Pastor testified afterwards to the church, that the message was 'extremely timely'. He shared that although he was a Police Inspector, gifted musician and outwardly a 'strapping great man', he'd been feeling very low and wanted to give up, because of discouragement. He said the message shared had strengthened him to rise up and continue keep pressing on. 


Bexleyheath: This is a church that Yan has been speaking at for over 28 years and he always finds the Pastor and the congregation a great blessing. A few days after the event he received a lovely letter from someone that had been helped by the evening - such comments always mean such a lot; it said: "I just felt I had to write thanking you so much for your wonderful ministry and message when you came to the church. .... Since your message I have had such a hunger for the Word of God I can't wait to get up in the morning to read it..... I got up at 6.30am so that I could read before church, and I feel closer to the Lord than ever before. I have been a Christian for many years but feel I have reached a higher place in Him now."


Leeds: It was a great joy and privilege for Yan to minister at this black Pentecostal church for the second time. They were just as enthusiastic and responsive as on his first visit. The meeting was lively, and many came forward for prayer at the invitation. By the end of the congregation’s fervour had left him feeling a little weary, but on his drive back home he gave thanks to God for people who were uninhibited in their worship and who gladly received His Word.  


Evenwood, Co Durham: This was an excellent new contact at a Pentecostal church. They'd invited people from several other churches in the area and the welcome and response was very encouraging. Yan was somewhat taken back though, because without any prior warning the musicians didn't turn up so the pastor opened in prayer, introduced him, and left the rest of the meeting in his hands! We had a wonderful time of worship and testimonies and then he preached. People were eager for prayer at the invitation and afterwards extremely excited about the meeting. The pastor was encourage by the evening and has invited Yan back for a return visit next year.    

Penrith, Cumbria: There were several positive comments and people responding for prayer at this church. At the beginning of the preaching however, two 'Christian' hecklers thought Yan was going down a route of 'Prosperity and extreme Faith' with the teaching, so started expressing their disagreement. Later they realised they'd jumped in rather prematurely and saw he was warning against such teaching rather than promoting it. These two men caused no great problem though, as he just ignored them during their murmurings. The Pastor shared with Yan afterwards that he was becoming concerned himself, but could see where I was going with the message, and we simply laughed together about the matter. 


Ibstock: After  years away from this church, an invitation came from a Spirit-filled new Pastor. It was a joy to be there again and people eagerly received the Word. At the conclusion of the preaching there was an excellent response with many indicating their desire for prayer. The most thrilling testimony came from a man who shared he'd been delivered of Alcoholism 14 years earlier during our prayer time, and the same day he received ministry, his friend came forward with Parkinson's disease. He was healed from all symptoms, including the need of medication at that time, and he is still free from the condition today - 14 years later! 

Pastor in Cheshire: It is always lovely to have you with us. You never fail to bring an inspiring message. This time without realising, you covered so many of our statements of vision for the new church - it was awesome!


Pastor L: We are eternally grateful for the timely messages that the Spirit of God always directs you to deliver to His Church. We trust that God's Word will go deep into our spirit and liberate us from the many 'Problems that Bind Us from the Presence of God'.  We continue to pray for you and the Ministry ...


Churches Together in Linconshire : ...  thank you so much for your testimony Gail, and for Yan's message, both of which were powerful and very encouraging to many ... had positive feedback. All the people I personally spoke to said they had been challenged, blessed or helped by the messages. I was very encouraged by 'R' and 'A' from the evangelical church who are somewhat connoisseurs of the Word and they told me they were both impressed. 'P' 


Church in Lancashire : It was indeed a Word of encouragement, to spur us on with our walk with God. I enjoyed it, and was very much blessed ... Pastor PJ


Leicester City :  Thanks for your time and the uplifting words ... The topic was timely and very practical like you rightly said 'Keeping Calm in a Crisis', the members of the church were really blessed and expressed this even to people who were not present.  We always look forward to having you minister in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.  Accept the token which in no way equals the blessings and the encouragement we get whenever we listen to you.  ... Pastor G.O.

Three new and separate contacts at African churches opened up to Yan; one in Manchester, one in Sheffield, and the other in Leeds. The Bishop of the Leeds church, who looks after six other churches, kindly invited him to speak at their August Regional Conference; unfortunately this wasn't possible because of being booked elsewhere - there were however, further dates arranged for Yan to visit.


Kirkby, Notts was another outstanding new contact where there was a powerful anointing, complete liberty to preach, and numerous encouraging comments were expressed afterwards. Various churches from the area joined together and over 50% of the congregation came forward for prayer! Backsliders repented; people with problems of fear were set free; several fell under the power of Holy Spirit, a good number consecrated themselves to God and others came for healing.                                   


Coffinswell, Newton Abbot: Once again, a new and amazing meeting in the middle of a former Christmas tree plantation. Many responded for prayer - some with extremely difficult, personal problems. One person indicated his need for salvation and another, who was not a Christian, felt God speaking to him. He came for healing, and was open to talk about his spiritual state and receive prayer for that. An enthusiastic invitation was given by one of the leaders for a return visit.


A man in Sheffield requested our Newsletter via our Contact Page. We followed up asking how he knew the ministry. He wrote : 'Yan comes to our congregation quite often and conducts some exhilarating speeches and sermons on the Word of God, which all  the congregation really enjoys, we are looking forward to his next visit ..'


Preston, Lancs : Greetings Yan. It was good to see you and have fellowship. I personally thank God for sending you with a message that was very much in season and welcome. We do look forward to hear what God has in store for us using His servant to speak to us.  KB


At Skegness, Lincs : Mary came for prayer, and when we asked about her need she said, “Where do I start, everything you said spoke to me!” We prayed for her and God gave us several prophetic words of encouragement to speak over her life. An older lady who’d been a Christian for many years came for help because she knew she’d been holding back. We prayed for a new anointing and that she would have greater boldness to step out in new areas of faith. A young man had depression following a relationship problem. He was filled with the Holy Spirit as we encouraged him to release forgiveness to the person he’d been hurt by. We then prayed for a clear vision for him that he could focus his prayers and attention on. The previous older lady who’d been prayed for was thrilled and said, “Thanks so much, that’s my youngest son!” 


Another elderly lady shared that at 8 years she was sexually abused and though she was able to forgive the stranger, she still felt very guilty and depressed. As we prayed, God lifted the burden and oppression from her, bringing freedom and joy! One of the leaders sought prayer to be released from depression and physical problems and was greatly helped. 

Benfleet, Essex is a wonderful church that Yan has ministered at for over 34 years! They are always receptive and hungry for God and the response on Sunday morning was very encouraging. Many came forward to rededicate themselves to Lord and to receive prayer on various personal issues. 


Bucknall, Staffs : a lady stood up at the beginning of the meeting to share how she’d been greatly blessed by her purchase of Yan's book, ‘Staying Spiritually Fresh’. She told the church she’d read it three times and was going to buy another copy to pass on to a friend! 


Willington, Staffs : there was an excellent response to the message. Among those who acknowledged a specific need for prayer were a young man seeking to rediscover his spiritual passion and boldness for Christ, and also an elderly lady rededicated her life to the Lord.  The power of God came upon her, as we prayed in the foyer, and immediately she was ‘Slain in the Spirit’. Then, while laughing with great joy, she excitedly exclaimed, “I certainly didn’t expect that to happen!”


I am very grateful for your ministry to our church Yan ... Your ministry is very much Bible centred, using great illustrations, you are a fantastic communicator and you bring words in season to the congregation. Your ministry deserves a wider audience and when you come again I will endeavour to profile your visit with more gusto.  Michael 

Following Gail's testimony in Kent a lady sent an email via the website sharing her heart.  Prayer and support over a few weeks followed and we glorfiy God that she wrote: ... you are awesome and precious and I am so glad I came to the meeting, I don't usually go out in the evenings and when my husband said I could go, even then I didn't feel comfortable, then you spoke and oh my, you are a real blessing and now I want to buy skirts and be a lady and am desperate to lose weight ... Please be very blessed and know that you and my wonderful Saviour have changed my life forever ... (JC)

Yan, I have read your book 'Answering Today's Problems', which has helped me a lot in my day to day life. I am recommending this book to everybody to read. Linda Akinshade, Kent


Powerful message very well presented. Your ministry will increase and the fruits of your dedication and perseverance will bring you and your ministry great gifts and blessings. You are truly a mighty man of God. Your teachings are accessible to all who are willing to listen. Every time without fail, a lovely honest sermon on the Word of God always presented with a happy smile. Rock on Yan! Neil Maskell Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

Hiya :) You were at my church last night and I just wanted to say thanks for the word you gave. You spoke right along the lines of things that have been in my heart for so long... Anyway thanks again in Christ's love Jonathan Howard Leek, Engand  

'Yan thank you for today's wonderful service and administration of prayer with help from grief and anger of losing my mum.  Today's service touched me deeper than ever before, and I believe Jesus is gently helping me to become more like Him each day ...'(RW)


May God continually bless you! The site covers a great deal of situations very helpfulChristine Roberts S-o-T, u.k 


Thank you for your message on the site and for your book 'Realising your full potential'. Needed something positive as I 'lost' everything; wife, job, health, home. What you preached at Wrenthorpe Mission a few weeks ago really 'spoke' to me. Please pray that God will restore my relationships and future. Many thanks

Neil Monkman - Normanton, Yorkshire


Good to see you're still going on with the Lord. I used to live next door to you some years ago.  I'm pastoring in Kettering now with a new church plant. Still preaching on the streets?  Have a good day - Roger Tooley Kettering


I thank God for this ministry which I have known for many years. Yan, You are a Great man of God. Keep close to Him.  Roger Tancock Bournemouth 


Just watched your DVD 'Living Beyond Your Limitations.' Good to see how both you and your ministry have developed since your days with the City Mission in Birmingham. I remember your preaching as a young man in those days. My wife used to work with you in the City Mission with Edwin. Keep up the advance of the gospel. in his service, Pastor A Gordon Willigton Baptist  Burton on Trent, UK  


I am delighted to see the marvellous update of your website and I am so very happy that you have made your teaching available to listen to. You have been such a great source of blessing when you have ministered at my Church in East Finchley. May God continue to richly bless you.  Rev Jim Patterson Enfield, UK 


What a wonderful opportunity to hear God's message to us for today, so clearly, through this website, whilst working at my computer. Heather, Kettering, UK  


Love the site Yan. Look forward to seeing you again at Sileby Baptist. God bless you and your familyEric Garner Leicester


We both heard you speak at Wednesfield Christian Centre on Sunday 13th January. Your words inspired both of us and we look forward to your next visitKeith and Tina Johnson Wolverhampton  


I really enjoyed Yan's talk at our church this evening. Richmond Park Church. Megan Hall Bournemouth, Dorset  


Yan, it was as if our Pastor had sent you a letter and told you not one, nor two or three, but many things going on in this church, thank you very much.


Thank you so much for coming and sharing the Word of God with us, it was so rich and gentle! People have commented how powerful the word was that you brought, so many got healed that night, set free made whole and delivered it was awesome! We are looking forward to you coming again. Thank you for your faithfulness you have had a big impact here .... God bless you, your family and your ministry in Jesus name.


Many thanks Yan, hope you enjoyed your time with us. It was good to see you again and I received a lot of encouraging feedback from your message. Blessings.  


Dear Pastor Hadley, ...making you aware of the impact that your message made on us all. Around 11pm last night, I was contacted by a believer expressing their gratitude to God for the Word that addressed their needs in such a dynamic way. They wanted more information of your ministry; therefore, I directed them to your website. I pray that your ministry will continue to be a blessing to the body of Christ, particularly in this critical climate in which the church finds itself. Grateful thanks, once again. 


Hi Yan thank you for your ministry today at ... many folk have said how much they appreciated the word you brought. We trust you will come again ... 


Hi Yan, ... it was a great service with 4 baptisms and your message was powerful, passionate and anointed in a great way. We pray that you and your wife and family will have a blessed Christmas and so many blessings for the New Year you'll hardly be able to contain them! 


I just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent ministry the other Sunday. It inspired me and I know it did others too. We had a very interesting discussion about it in our House Group last Thursday and I know we are really excited for Revival both in this nation and in our own community where God has called us to be.

The word was very timely and I know you are always obedient to what God asks you to bring to us as a church - you are a tremendous encouragement to us all. I know ... always speaks very highly of you and I can see why.  In turn I would like to encourage you - I noticed that there was a new sense of refreshing and anointing upon your life when you ministered to us that Sunday. That is not to take anything away from your previous visits it was just that you seemed different to how you had been before. That's exciting you are to be commended for that as God uses you in a powerful way. I know that God will continue to take you deeper into his purposes as you seek Him.


Just a short note to say many thanks indeed for your sermon on Friday night … For me it was just what I needed to hear, as life has been quite tough in the last few weeks. Thanks for being so faithful and being obedient to what the Lord would have you to speak on, the whole evening was such a spiritual uplift. … (W) 


I just wanted to say a big thank you for your excellent ministry … It inspired me and I know it did others too … The word was very timely and I know you are always obedient to what God asks you to bring to us as a church - you are a tremendous encouragement to us all … you are to be commended … God uses you in a powerful way … (M)


Thank you so much for ministering to me last night in prayer. I feel so much better today, the hand has caused no pain and I think the swelling on my thyroid is disappearing. Praise the Lord!!


Thank you also for that wonderful word of life, it surely came as light in a dark place … It really is a wonderful teaching and maybe you should publish it? (P)


Thank you for all you did for us on Sunday. We have had excellent feedback about the day. People who attended the morning service said they felt the Lord’s presence with us … teaching was really what I needed to hear and … was delighted with your teaching both in the morning and afternoon. We are encouraging as many people as possible to listen to the recording. (PA)

Ibstock, Leicester: A man who had suffered with Parkinson's disease for 10 years, and was on medication to control the effects of shaking, was completely healed, came off his medication and all symptoms have gone! At the same church, a man who had been an alcoholic for 13 years was completely delivered and now plays in the worship group! 


Gosport, Hants: A man who was suicidal following the loss of his wife and baby during the birth, responded for salvation.


Dartmouth, Devon: An alcoholic came seeking prayer for salvation and deliverance and his partner wanted to rededicate her life to the Lord.


Telford, Salop: An Indian lady was healed of long-term depression and arthritis in her legs and feet which she'd had for 30 years. She left the meeting full of joy and excitement!


Burnley, Lancs: A man who’d recently arrived from America, responded publicly for salvation. It was his first time in a Church. He’d been in prison for bank robbery, attempted murder and was a bouncer in night clubs. His stated desire now is to live for Christ!

A Christian woman, not attending church, and whose life was troubled, sought help and after counsel and prayer went away greatly encouraged.  An elderly lady attending church knew there was something lacking in her life.  The devil had been tormenting her for a long time and she never felt 'good enough' so always sat at the back of her church.  We counselled and then prayed for her to know the power of the Holy Spirit.  With a delightful smile upon her face she said "This meeting was definitely from God!"


Following the preached Word an Elder of one church spoke of how he’d been planning to commit suicide, but as a result of the message and ministry was greatly encouraged. A Pastor of another shared that because of despair and frustration he’d been on the point of a nervous breakdown and had decided to give up his 40 years of ministry; praise God, after ministry he was reassured to continue.


Following ministry at a a church, a lady shared that after prayer on one of Yan's previous visits she could testify, with doctor's reports, that she’d been healed of Leukemia. At the same church a lady shared that as a result of a ‘Word of knowledge’ spoken over her earlier in the year her faith had been greatly revitalized. She gave testimony to her church of how this had changed her life. 


Another elderly preacher shared that he felt very dry and wanted prayer to receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit and to be released from various fears. 

A Sunday morning service, followed by a seminar, saw an excellent response in both meetings. During the afternoon session four ‘Words of knowledge’ were spoken – each one was responded to. An Elder in the church has since testified that following the seminar the Holy Spirit has broken into the church and God is moving in a new and powerful way there now..



It is always encouraging to receive news about how the Lord is using the ministry. One e-mail that was sent to us by a church leader certainly made us smile.  He said, “I must send you this funny, but profound story which followed your last visit: one of our deacons, David, lives on a council estate and struggles to witness to his rough neighbours.  Many are jobless, some walk around with no shirt on, tattoos, swearing etc.  At times they can be found leaning on their rubbish bin as he pulls up in his car. Over the years he has tried to talk about Jesus but without much success; he just could not seem to communicate with them.  


Recently when you came over to preach at our church, David went off home after the Sunday meeting, playing the recording of your CD message in his car.  He turned his car engine off and went inside his house, had lunch and fell asleep.  


Later that afternoon one of these neighbours knocked his front door.  David answered, and the neighbour said, ‘What on earth is going on in the street?’  ‘What do you mean, said David?’  ‘What’s going on inside your car?’ the man asked.  


David walked outside to find his neighbours all standing around his car listening to YOUR Sunday sermon blasting out at full volume from his car stereo!  They were all listening intently, kids and adults alike! Who is that?  What is he talking about? they were asking.  Well, we just couldn't stop laughing; if man can't do the outreach, then the Holy Spirit will use anything He can get His hands on! 


  • Needless to say we are considering marketing these CD players to churches who are struggling to reach their neighbours as the latest outreach tool for evangelism!"

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