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Decisions That Determine Destiny

Decisions That Determine Destiny


If you've ever felt frustrated or disappointed that you appear to be achieving very little, and are tired with living a mediocre life, then here is the book for you. This is the fifth publication written by Yan,and it will encourage as well as challenge the reader to believe in their God-given destiny. In reading  this book, every Christian will not only be stirred in their faith to move on, beyond the ordinary, to the extraordinary, but they will be clear about the cost involved in seeing that prospect come to pass.

Each chapter brings into focus the importance of the believer's own responsibility to make choices that will help them discover all God has ordained them to be.

Some of the areas covered are:

  • Choosing to Rest Secure in God's Sovereignty
  • Choosing to Find Fulfilment in God
  • Choosing to Be Free From the Ruin Of Regrets
  • Choosing to Trust in the Power Of The Blood
  • Choosing to Advance In Times Of Adversity
  • Choosing to Prepare For Revival
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