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Realising Your Full Potential

Realising Your Full Potential


This very popular book has been updated and reprinted. It is written with the aim of encouraging people to discover the greatness of God working through their lives. Each chapter makes clear that every believer, even the most unlikely, is able to be used by God in a very significant way.

Throughout the book there are humorous illustrations, personal anecdotes and clear practical teaching, throoughly based on God's Word. The reader will be challeneged, enlightened and motivated, seeing that God's purpose for their lives can be powerfully and effectively realised.

Some of the chapers this publication contains are:

  • Destined For Greatness
  • The Hindrance of Ungodly Attitudes
  • Friendship With God
  • Liberty  inThe Holy Spirit
  • Fuelling The Flame of Faith
  • Walking in the Power of God
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