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Staying Spiritually Fresh

Staying Spiritually Fresh

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With the pace of life as it is today, together with its many associated pressures, it is so easy to feel run-down, stressed-out, and in a position of being weary; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Jesus came to give us ‘abundant life’ and Yan’s new book shows us how to enjoy that to the full.  We need to maintain a spiritual vitality in (a) our worship of God (b) our warfare against satan (c) our witness to a dying world.  This book presents the practical and specific steps necessary to stay spiritually fresh and be our best for God

God has a remarkable destiny for our lives, and we need to remain spiritually fresh to be able to effectively fulfil His call.  We must seize every opportunity that He brings across our path; facing the challenges that confront us daily, with enthusiasm and vitality!


The book has been warmly received and stocked at two Leicester branches of Waterstones Book Shop and is on their National Database.  

  • Run-down? Stressed? Weary?

    God has a remarkable destiny for our lives; you will discover how to transform your life with this book that's been well-received in this country and abroad

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